The Pros of Turf

When people decide that they want to make their garden look a little greener there are some choices that they need to make and a decision that some struggle with is whether to use turf or grass seed.

There are benefits to both but one of the best things about using turf is that it is a quick fix, it can transform your garden almost immediately and the results are visually pleasing. Grass seed takes a lot longer to grow and therefore the process of achieving your new garden will be delayed.

Laying turf is a lot less dependent on the British weather which means there is a larger time window in which you can lay your turf as it can be laid in cooler temperatures. One issue with grass seed is that when caught in heavy rain the seed will end up being washed off the slopes of your garden. Turf is much less likely to become infected by weeds and it will not be damaged by birds or cats scratching up the lawn.

Both methoThe Pros of Turfds require an amount of work but growing your lawn from seed will require a greater amount of time and patience. Seeded lawns are more susceptible to disease and are more likely to come up patchy. If you are looking for a smooth, even finish for your garden try turf.

To get an instant turf quote please click here or to find out how much turf you will need try using our turf calculator.

As well as turf we also source and supply high quality top grade loam and screened topsoil. Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil directly underneath turf and allows turf to bury its roots within to gain essential nutrients in the topsoil to allow turf to thrive. You can order topsoil online and have it delivered with your turf or collect it direct from us in Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire.

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