Summer Lawn Care

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Start the summer season off properly with our Summer Lawn Care tips:


Ensure health and growth in your turf by raising the mower blades at cutting high and frequently. We recommend that your lawn should be approximately 5cm high during the summer months.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to sharpen your mower blades to get a cleaner cut.


If your turf is growing strongly, you should keep feeding it. It is recommended that you use a spring-summer lawn feed solution and apply it every 6 weeks until the end of August.


The summer months is the time of the year when weeds are most prominent in your lawn, grass will often turn brown whereas weeds will remain green and vibrant. Now that they are visible, remove them and throw them away.


Despite the common belief, watering in the heat of the sun will cause it to evaporate meaning that none will reach the roots. The best way to make sure that your turf stays green is to let it grow longer and cut high and often.

Rotate Garden Furniture

The summer period is when your lawn will most likely be used the most for sports, barbecues and visitors for example. Leaving furniture on your lawn turf for more than a day or two will begin to cause discolouration and therefore we recommend rotating the location of your furniture to make sure that your garden isn’t damaged in the process.

Here at Ivinghoe Turf we have been growing and supplying quality garden turf for over 30 years. From our location in Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire, we are easily accessible from all areas of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire for all of your turfing needs. Our very own fleet of transport lorries also allows us to deliver your turf straight to your door.

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