New Turf Care Tips

With the improvement in weather conditions many of you will be thinking about purchasing brand new turf to brighten up your garden for the summer months. If you have just laid some new turf or are in the process of looking into it here are some tips to help you along the way:

Water Your Lawn Well

Once your new lawn has been laid it needs to be watered well, even more so in hotter conditions. The very first time you water your new lawn turf is one of the most important ones as the water needs to soak through to the ground below.

You should be watering your new turf daily after it has first been laid for the first week or two. If the weather conditions are very warm, it is recommended that you water your lawn either early in the morning or later in the evening to prevent any evaporating.

Over Watering Can Cause Issues

Be careful not to over water your garden turf as this can encourage lawn disease. In order to check the condition of your turf, carefully lift up the side and check the underside – it should be moist and dark but not sopping wet.

Make sure that you do not walk across your new lawn until it has had a chance to properly bed into the soil, this process will normally take a few weeks however if your turf is laid on a sloped surface it can take up to six weeks.

Set Your Mower to a High Setting

You should wait a few weeks before mowing your new turf. Set your mower on one of the highest cutting settings when cutting for best results and to prevent any weed or moss growth as well as potential disease.

Turf Care Tips

Here at Ivinghoe Turf we have been producing and supplying high quality garden turf for over three decades. From our Buckinghamshire location we have been growing a selection of seed mixes and have built up a strong reputation as one of the most reliable turf suppliers in the area.

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