Look After Your Garden Tools

How to Get the Best Performance From Your Garden Tools

Unlike what many think, very often it is not the cost or quality of your tools which makes a big difference, it’s how you look after them. It is therefore essential that you keep them both clean and sharp. Your mower, shears and edging tools need to make clean cuts each time to ensure your turf stays tidy and healthy.

Clean Your Mower Regularly

Clean Your Mower Regularly

How Often Should You Sharpen Mower Blades

This all depends on usage, if you frequently use your mower then you should ideally be sharpening your blades after every use during the cutting season to ensure they work safely and efficiently. If the mower blades are not sharpened regularly there will soon be evidence of ripping rather than clean cutting in the form of yellow grass, thinning grass and more moss and weeds in your lawn turf.

Clean Your Garden Tools After Usage

Avoid leaving your garden tools dirty after using them as dried mud and grass clippings will make them stiff and inefficient to use. Not only does this make your gardening more time consuming and difficult, it is also dangerous, as stiff tools require more pressure and can easily cause cuts and damage to you or your tools.

Clean Your Tools After Usage

Clean Your Tools After Usage

Winter Maintenance

Many people see winter as a time to put their tools away in the shed and not look at them again until the Spring. Winter however provides the perfect opportunity to both clean and repair any tools to get them back to top condition as mowing should be kept to a minimum.

Here at Ivinghoe Turf, we have been growing high quality garden turf for over three decades, allowing us to develop an excellent knowledge on how to grow and preserve healthy turf. See our lawn care guide for any assistance for maintaining your lawn turf.

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